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Awesome session 🎶🎶



Morning session Downtown..

LOL who books these sessions so early hahaBFE00F7F-92B0-4C9C-929F-209B60C07565.jpeg

Gr8 night

 A needed break from the studio for calamari at Eden 😎C26FAD50-B14A-4C87-B2DF-49B83C0D2D4C.jpeg

Back at it….🎶🎶🎶

 Awesome day on the lake.. now back at it in the studio🎶😎9F409A23-9B54-40F8-BF4A-8042D003A462

Happy Fathers Day 😎

 Day 2.. back on the boat ☀️

Awesome day on the lake ☀️459FE45D-5B82-40A2-B1CD-963A0B963893.jpeg

Saturday morning..

 The boys heading down to the boat ☀️😎EE1530E3-C31E-44F2-A436-C95F7EB984F2.jpeg

Awesome night in the studio🎶

Awesome studio session tonight with Eric 🎶🎶🎶😎


Sunday afternoon ☀️

Amazing Sunday.. gr8 friends, gr8 weather & gr8 vibes on the boat☀️AABD0867-17B1-4F3C-B3BA-7F0FF7B2A38C.jpeg


 Early morning session… 😎little Havana☕️78A0F284-C9B3-4092-A1D4-521FDF29A7C0.jpeg

Little Havana☕️😎

Morning Café Con Leche at little Havana Cafe.. thanks Josh😎☕️5C2C904D-A140-4AD1-97A4-423A4E3463D4.jpeg

Inspiring 🎶🎶🎶

Awesome session tonight🎶😎B0EE0473-D159-4017-A391-ADE5B214F8BD.jpeg

Visual music

 Magical night in the studio 🎶☀️9DA7A24B-5BE2-4AF5-B3E7-2FD7EA3EFC47.jpeg